Saturday, April 23, 2011

We're Back 100%

OK, this is going to be a pretty big entry right here, but it's worth it because we have a lot of things going on with the show. A while back I set up an archive page on Mixcloud where you can catch up on shows that aren't on the podcast page anymore, and I'll post up some of with download links at the end.

Anyway, we're back in full effect right now with the podcast channel, you can go there by CLICKING HERE and you subscribe there and have Boombox automatically downloaded to your iTunes when new shows are uploaded. We have last week's show with Apathy and mid 90's WHUS alumni DJ Zop is up right now.

Now THE biggest news is that we will be airing two nights a week now! We will still be live on WHUS every Tuesday night at 10pm eastern time, where you listen online HERE or if you're in range in CT 91.7fm on your radio. The second show will begin on May 1st, every Sunday night at 7pm eastern time and broadcast via Beatminerz Radio!!!! To say we're excited about it is an understatement, because we're very honored by it. If you're familiar with Beatminerz Radio, you know it's also a live video broadcast, you can also watch the show and interact with us via chat room. Big shout to Mr. Walt, Evil Dee, Wayne Ski, Skinny and Crazy Bazarro! If you're not familiar with Beatminerz Radio, here's what it is:

Live Broadcasting by Ustream

OK, now here's the latest archived episode from the archive, our dedication to the late Guru of Gang Starr from last year. For other archived episodes, CLICK HERE to listen. I will also have download links for the show as well.



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